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GIANT GAMES is a niche events management business based near Lismore, New South Wales, Australia, primarily servicing the Gold Coast region of Queensland, and Northern NSW (down to Coffs Harbour). We hire, deliver and manage a range of Giant Games. 

Contact us if you are looking for a unique way to make your next event stand out from the crowd.

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Where do we start? Thank you thank you thank you ! You seriously exceed our expectations every time we work with you and we are just so grateful to work with such an amazing supplier. You go to such lengths to ensure your games are set up perfectly, bring marquees (great idea) and extra games! We so appreciate you, and look forward to working with you again soon.

Lucy Kelly, LOUD Events

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Category A Games

Category A Giant Games are “board based” strategy games. They require approx. 45 minutes to setup. A typical game can last for up to one hour, some with complex rules. They are generally not suitable for very young children. These Giant Games are available for Managed Hire events. They include:.

Giant Chess
Giant Scrabble
Giant Draughts

Giant Chess

Min. 5m x 5m space needed
Any weather conditions
Two players (although this can be teams)
Can be set up on any surface provided it is flat.

Giant Scrabble

Min. 7m x 7m space needed
Minimum 4 players. No maximum. Suitable for large groups.
Not suitable for windy or wet conditions
Must be set up undercover (no direct sunlight) on pavement / hard surface (grass is OK if it is flat)

Giant Draughts (Checkers)

Minimum 5M X 5M space needed
2 Players
Any weather condition
Can be set up anywhere, including grass, but it must be flat and level

Giant Chinese Checkers

Giant Chinese Checkers

Minimum 6M X 6M space needed
2-6 players
Cannot be played in wet or windy conditions
Ideally needs to be set up on pavement/hard surface, but flat level grass is OK. Must be under cover.

Giant Snakes and Ladders

Giant Snakes & Ladders

Minimum 5M X 5M. All weather conditions (however surface will be slippery in wet conditions)

Category B Games

Category B Giant Games are “activity based” games. They are quick to setup and take down, and games are of a short duration with simple rules. These are available for Unmanaged Hire and Managed Hire. They include: 

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

4 sets available
Minimum 3M X 3M space needed
2-4 players
Not suitable for wet or very windy conditions
Must be set up on pavement or hard surface.

Giant Connect Four

Giant Connect 4

4 plastic frame and 2 wooden frame sets available
Minimum 3M X 3M space needed
2 players
Any weather conditions
Can be set up anywhere, including grass, but it must be flat.

Category C Games

Category C Giant Games are “novelty” games. These are only available as companion games to Category A and B games. They include: 

Giant Dice

Giant Dice

Used with Giant Games that need a number to move (e.g. Giant Snakes and Ladders) or as a novelty on their own. Made from soft rubber.

Giant Noughts & Crosses

Giant Noughts & Crosses

Two players. Min 2m x 2m space needed.
Can be set up on grass or any hard surface.



Multiple players.
Can be set up on grass or any hard surface.


Boules (Bocce)

A plastic set for children or a metal set for adults.

Giant Dominos

Giant Dominos

2 sets available
Min. 2m x 2m space needed
Multiple players, multiple variations of games
Any weather condition
Can be set up on grass, but pavement / hard surface preferred 


Cornhole (Bean Bag Toss)

Min. 5m x 2m space needed.
Two players, multiple variations of games
Not suitable for wet conditions 

Giant Cards

Min. 2m x 2m space needed and table preferred
Multiple players, multiple variations of games
Not suitable for windy or wet conditions 

  • Our Giant Games are available for delivery only. We do not have the facilities for customer pickup.

  • We are based in Rock Valley near Lismore (Northern NSW) and limit our event delivery area north to Queensland's Gold Coast region, south to Coffs Harbour (NSW), and west to Tenterfield, unless advised otherwise

  • Please read our Terms & Conditions available here

Please Note: The Games Night featured is not currently running.

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David Saunders (sole trader) trading as "Giant Games"

PO Box 9022

Rock Valley NSW 2480


ABN: 12063897544
Mobile: 0432 715 894




We pride ourselves on client service so we may not be in a position to answer your phonecall if we're attending to an event. Please proceed to Request Quote if you know your specific event requirements. Alternatively Please use our Contact Form for general enquiries,

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