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About Us

Giant Games" is a business name registered with the Australia Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). "Giant Games" is owned and operated by David Saunders as sole proprietor (trading as "Giant Games"). ABN 12063897544. Giant Games is located near Lismore, Northern New South Wales, Australia.

Our Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from here.
​Giant Games was established in April 2012. So how did it all begin?

Here is our story. 

Giant Games Co-Founder, Amy Saunders Grey, is a Landscape Architect. She is passionate about activating and "humanising" public space. In 2009 she pitched an idea to the Brisbane City Council. Inspired by childhood memories of playing board games with her relatives, friends, parents and grandparents, and fuelled by her passion to activate public space, she submitted a concept to the Brisbane City Council called "Games Night @ King George Square". Taking a piece of often maligned open public space, she created a place where people could congregate on the evening of the last Thursday of each month to socialise across diverse demographics, and play board games.

Realising that the event needed a way to bring in people, we created a few "Giant Games". We started with Giant Scrabble, hand painted on a large calico sheet. Then we added a mix of hand manufactured and purchased Giant Games. The word started to spread. Games Night @ King George Square attracted more and more people, drawn to this truly unique event. And others too saw the opportunity to use Giant Games to add a bigger dimension to their next social or corporate event.

And thus "Giant Games" was born.

David Saunders 

(Owner and Co-Founder)

David has a degree in Management, majoring in Hospitality Management, from the  University of Queensland. He has a background in hotel and  resort management, retail travel management, IT management, customer service  management, events management and sales in both the private and public sectors. 

In 1988 he was seconded to World Expo 88 as Deputy Commissioner of the NSW  Pavilion. In his most recent role as Senior Director of Global Accounts at the  multi-national Global Distribution System business, Travelport, he had the  responsibility of managing the commercial relationship with Travelport's largest  travel agency customer, the Flight Centre group.

Amy Grey 


Amy Grey's’ aim in life is to make a positive impact on her community and the world.  Amy is the current Queensland Emerging Designer of the Year and in 2012 was awarded a Lord Mayors Australia  Day Award for her commitment to positive, social events in Brisbane.

Amy  is passionate about Participatory design and Placemaking. The places she designs focus on the  social sustainability of the community and the inclusion of all  members of the community. She has a background in Urban Design and has been  involved with and has Project Managed public space and urban design  projects in private practice for 11 years.

In early 2012,  David and Amy established Giant Games

And if you haven't already guessed it, David and Amy are father and daughter.

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